Taking a Deep Dive with Rebel Wisdom

James Governale
9 min readApr 1, 2021

11 Videos that Helped Me Explore Sensemaking amidst Our Troubled State of Information Sharing

There’s a love/hate relationship with YouTube algorithms, but in my experience, it often connects me with content I enjoy. In 2018, shortly after posting my own commentary video on the Jordan Peterson/Cathy Newman BBC Channel 4 interview, I noticed a recommended video called “A Glitch in the Matrix” by Rebel Wisdom.

Rebel Wisdom’s channel has featured a number of online personalities and thinkers that I’m familiar with, and the platform allowed for deeper exploration of the topics I value. It’s a go-to space for Sensemaking and navigating the landscape of information dissemination, from traditional media to alternative platforms. A space for for these topics to get the continued attention deserved.

Here’s what initially stood out for me from Rebel Wisdom’s selection of a nearly 300 videos:

“The War on Sensemaking, Daniel Schmachtenberger” (aired Aug 19, 2019)

The War on Sensemaking video wasn’t the first Rebel Wisdom film I watched, but it was the first one that resonated most strongly with me. Listening to Daniel Schmachtenberger’s perspective about sensemaking felt like much needed cognitive nourishment. The perspectives were loud and clear. David’s way of articulating these concepts makes a lot of sense to me. My mind was already stirring around ways of acknowledging our sensemaking crisis and current infodemic. This video put many of those thoughts into clearer, concise wording.

Basically, Daniel has written the playbook on what’s needed for high quality sensemaking, and the perceived “war” against it. He highlights the sensemaking landscape humankind is grappling with, whether members of the collective are aware of it or not. He narrates an understanding of what is happening in our current world and how we go about making sense of bombarding information that comes our way.

James Governale

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