The Egregore and the Pain Body

James Governale
5 min readFeb 17, 2022

The Egregore and the Pain Body

Thought Forms

As a thinking being, at any given waking moment, you can connect to thought forms. Sometimes it feels like the actual thought form is hovering outside yourself. Can you recall having sensed this?

You have inherent perception, and your mind connects to thoughts used to articulate your experience. You can study various models and frameworks regarding how this works. These studies themselves are thought forms. Collective thought forms that an individual mind can cling to. While this is often a seamless occurrence, you can consider what thought forms you cling to.

From an external vantage point, it can feel like the thought form is an entity trying to project a message. One can even decipher if that message is naturally flowing or if it’s a form of manipulation. It can be neutral, as it simply exists. Whether you believe it exists is another question. Similar to whether you believe the existence of collective unconscious as proposed by Carl Jung.

The Egregore

An egregore is a collective thought form. Any collective thought form inherently has a limitation function. Meaning, that when you willingly include a thought form within your belief system, you consequentially set a limitation or boundary that will exclude conflicting thoughts. Limitation need not be deemed ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ It’s just the nature of our human existence.

When looking from the perspective of the egregore, it can act as a social control mechanism. This may sound ominous to some, but there are numerous social control mechanisms that make up our societies and direct our social interactions. The egregore allows you to have a philosophical point of view — which determines what you consider “in” and what you consider “out.”

The idea of an egregore may seem too esoteric for some, but it can be used for understanding how another energy force coincides with the emotional energy of an individual. These concepts are explored through other lenses including psychology, as with the notion of mass formation. One can layer the various lenses to look for some consistency across these layers.

The Pain Body

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